Richard Dedomenici and Zean MacFarlane



Richard Dedomenici and Zean MacFarlane - Anarchitecture

London has the most over-priced housing in the world, much of which is left empty for investment purposes. The city is turning into a shadow of it’s former self. Despite this, pockets of land, considered too small for commercial development, remain conspicuous by their lack of use.

Inspired by Japanese Pet Architecture - tiny unusual buildings inserted into gaps in the existing built environment - I will add a discreet prefabricated parasitic structure to the streets of the UK capital as a solution to the problem of rising rents, lack of affordable flats and the gentrification of social housing into luxury apartments.

I am working with architects to design and build the house, which will be designed to be located in a wide array of locations, and delivered on the back of a small flatbed vehicle, by cover of night, somewhere on the streets of London, in summer 2019.

The project is supported by Zean Macfarlane, on design and prototyping. The structure will be designed to blend into the urban environment, to look as if it's always been there, and I will inhabit the house until the authorities realise that it's not supposed to be.Depending on how long this takes, the building will have provision to be tethered to existing utilities.The project is very difficult to fund by traditional means, due to the threat it poses to accepted forms of land ownership, and its potential to destabilise the property market. After a successful trial, the prototype Anarchitecture building could be mass produced and deployed worldwide.