The sea cannot be depleted.

Wallace Heim


The sea cannot be depleted.

‘the sea cannot be depleted’

an online spoken word piece about the Solway Firth, about a sense of place that comes when living with that estuary and how that sense is changed by what is placed beneath the surface.

The tides of the Solway Firth are among the most turbulent around this island. The fast sweep of that sea is not a place where humans can live, but we can find sanctuary with it, in the unfolding of life in the tidal muds and in the migrations of the human imagination. 

Depleted Uranium was dumped into this wild sea for 30 years by the UK Military, corroding over deep, incomprehensible time. What does it mean for a place, a people, to cohere with these unseen objects? How do you make a life with, or resist, the waste and vast symptoms of the civil-military-nuclear complex? 

‘the sea cannot be depleted’ is a spoken, fictive audio piece written and produced by Wallace Heim. Three voices speak the sea: a man on the Scottish side, a woman on the English side, and a Diver who enters the waters. The music is composed by Pippa Murphy. 

Online, too, is the Journal of essays and elements of the research process: interviews, conversations, mappings, FOI documents, walks, swims. 

I live where nuclear effects are as pervasive as air. Work where you are vulnerable.