Naomi Gabriel and Humaira Ahmed

Birthed from Future’s Venture Funding, What You Saying? Is a monthly Spoken Word and Poetry night that prides itself on creating a safe space inclusive of age, gender, race, LGBT, class and those with different religious and faith backgrounds. We do this through inviting dis-represented individuals


Naomi Gabriel and Humaira Ahmed

What You Saying? Croydon’s hottest monthly spoken word night with open mic! A space for

people that have something to say, to be heard! Not a poet? Come along, grab a drink and

strap in for a raw, emotive and thought-provoking journey! Running the second Tuesday of

every month, we’ll bring you artists from all walks of life with a different theme each month.

We promise to do our best to represent everyone! That’s why we’re doing this – we want to

create a truly inclusive, intersectional & supportive safe space for us all to come together

and share our love for spoken word & poetry. We believe our differences are what makes

our lives richer.

At What You Saying? We believe you rise by lifting others and are all about supporting our

community. Support the movement.