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Salford Community Theatre

The Salford Docker

Salford Community Theatre was stablished in 2014 by a group of politically engaged theatre practitioners, who had the ambition of putting on socially engaged community theatre in Salford. 

We stand in the tradition of the Ann Jellicoe model of community plays, but seek to bring this out of its traditional setting and into a working class, urban environment.

Working with participants from Salford to create artistically excellent theatre which examines elements of Salford’s industrial, political and social history, it utilises the past as a lens as it connects contemporary Salfordians to their city through expression and art.

The Salford Docker is the company’s second production and its first original script ( written by Sarah Weston) looking at the industrial decline of the docks and the impact on the people of Salford who worked there in the 50s and 70s, looking at it through the eyes of a contemporary worker at Media City.