Mahboobeh Rajabi

Digital Artist, Filmmaker, Producer, Animator, Writer and Theatre Maker.


Mahboobeh Rajabi

Diverse Artist Hub

Mahboobeh Rajabi is developing a co-creation group and space, using the power of diversity, that has a the main focus on artists and their practice. Mahboobeh will starts by her development and using video blogs documentation to capture her practice and the group. The aim is to work on new, innovative and unique ideas to come up with new methods to create work.

In order to achieve that, Mahboobeh created Artist HUB once a month at HOME MCR, which is a the new space and way to help the artists in the group to develop their creativity to have an opportunity to process their works by breaking traditional structures.

In every HUB session, the core artists which are 6-8 are coming with 3 guests artists and they are currently working on untold cultural and mythical stories from around the world.