Dr Topher Campbell

rukus! Salons (pilot)


Dr Topher Campbell

Dr Topher Campbell is co-founder of rukus! Federation, an art collective dedicated to presenting the best work by Black LGBTQ artists and co-created the UK’s first and only archive dedicated to the lives and history of Black LGBTQ people.

rukus! Salons and symposiums intend to develop resilience through sharing works and empower each other to greater artistic heights of achievement and boldness on our own terms particularly in the face of a world that still wants to coral, contain and even suppress truly radical QTIPOC artistic enterprise. The establishment of this unique quarterly Black Queer Artists salon will be based in London, Manchester and Birmingham where work can be shared, networked and to come into contact with invited artists from across the globe.

The vision for the rukus! is to showcase and bring the creative and artistic community of QTIPOC artists and cultural entrepreneurs together so that new and exiting collaborations can develop.


Topher Campbell ( Fetish 2017)

Amaju X ( Bodybuilder- 1990)