The Dominartist is part physical reality, part ethereal myth, part artificial intelligence, and part performance filmmaker.



The Dominartist is a 2-year performance piece which takes on the identity of a Dominatrix in order to explore the feminine icon and the unstable balance between gender confidence and the socio-sexual shaming of women.

Exploring issues of 'gender fusion' and 'gender fluidity' in the landscape of sex work, as well as guilt and reputation and how they intertwine with the female idea of self, how those ideas of self are actively and consistently engaging with memories and hopes from childhood, and how they are plagued by echos or ghosts of personal disappointment in female activities.

Explored through the creative processes of film, performance, literature and music, if power is enabled or disabled by myth and legend and if it can be sustained beyond the confines of the image, especially when it is created, preserved or shifted within the paradigm of social media and the internet.

The culmination of the performance is an exhibition and book cataloging six main artworks for public engagement. The artworks represent the most personally relevant aspects of the research in relation to the observations of a contemporary woman.