David Tovey

Ex-homeless artist and campaigner David Tovey presents ‘Unknown Soldier’( working title)


David Tovey

As an ex serviceman David Tovey's Unknown Soldier is a work that has been in the making for 29 years. Ex-servicemen who become homeless account for a shockingly high number of people. This exhibit and film performance explores the deep rooted questions of why does life fall apart for so many ex-soldiers, leading to homelessness, and for some suicide.

Raw, uncompromising and sometimes brutal, there are deep questions to be answered about how people who serve this country are treated.

This exhibit highlights the struggles that people face when they leave the armed forces with the lack of a resettlement and mental health support.

As the UK recently reflected on the centenary of the First World War with fields of poppies, grand exhibitions up and down the country, David invites you to consider the legacy of war and the situation ex-soldiers find themselves in now.

This exhibit will consist of the following art works;

Oil Paintings representing the mental health of our subject

48 x A3 Water colours which is one piece of work, this work talks about the under lying decision of suicide, that moment after making the decision to end your life. Raw, uncompromising and beautiful all in one.

Selection of photo prints taken when David was homeless, these shots represent what was going on in Davids mind at that time. Each print has an accompanying paragraph, please see attached some examples.

There will be some artworks drawn whilst David was sleeping in his in car whilst homeless

A selection of army memorabilia and photos from the past 29 years including Raven Silence= Death oil painting.

Archive of paper work, parking tickets, debt, hospital letters, scans, ambulance paper work after overdose, and much more

The unknown soldier’s uniform and oil painting portrait of said soldier, is the most important part of the show. The uniform belongs to a dear friend who passed away in the making of A Soldiers Story which has exhibited at Tate Modern in 2017. The uniform is a desert uniform which was worn during the first Iraq war, it wasn’t this soldier’s exact uniform but was exactly the same that he had worn during his time in the forces. A heartbreaking story.

David also plans to showcase a film which he is currently in the middle of making which is the journey of a soldier and his battle with mental health, PTSD and homelessness. This at some points will have an accompanying live performance.

It is this film and live performance that Futures Venture Foundation have funded David in support of Unknown Soldier