Kuumba Collective

Kuumba Collective, an autonomous DIY collective of music makers, performers and activists based at Niamos, Manchester's radical artspace.


Kuumba Collective

Our main objective is to make permanent positive change in the local area and beyond, as we know the potential of our community and the people in it.

As a collective we have been running events in and around Manchester for over the past ten years, specifically Hulme. Our work is focused on creating inter-generational events in non-traditional/ unsanctioned performance spaces eg. parks, subways, streets, homes plus random interventions. We prefer the ad-hoc D.I.Y grassroots nature of pop-up performances and the way it allows people to engage with the arts.

In these turbulent times we plan to develop our Kuumba collective brand and label by putting the necessary systems and structure in place that will enable us to move forward and get our positive message out there.