Parallel State

PS is a self-generated ‘slow state’, privileged to uphold care over capital. It numbers over a hundred fine people, all of whom are citizens and elective agents of change


Parallel State

PS started on 1 February 2020 at a meeting in Huddersfield University. At this meeting people from various walks of life, discussed the post-Brexit scenario and its effect on openness and tolerance in the United Kingdom. It was agreed to form the Parallel State in opposition to all forms of overt and covert racism and British exceptionalism.

Amongst the inaugural group are academics, artists, activists and those concerned with the climate emergency.

The state has evolved slowly and encountered the Covid 19 pandemic.

A decision was made within the Parallel State to create an audio broadcast channel and involve people in discussion about change.

This is now live at

The channel focuses on the creation of ‘buffer content’ of voices and opinions that cannot be expressed

through conventional media outlets due to deliberate marginalization or editorial policy.

PS (Parallel State) aims to develop an alternative artist-led broadcasting platform which will be an open (and safe) space for unheard, marginalized and silenced voices.

It is a forum and platform for activists, radicals, thinkers and professionals or indeed anyone wishing to investigate alternative statehood models and current problems such as racial bias in the policies, media and actions of the state.