We make sound-art-perform as gobscure, we write as burn. We use plural as reflection on our broken mind tho technically were solo.



Our works playful, poetic, & political. We reclaim space for / with other marginalized, silenced people. This work comes from our love of Sergei Parajanov - fat, mad, big-kid, bisexual dissidence from an artist unlike any other. Discovered them by accident while in a homeless hostel after the worst sectioning of our life. The Soviet Union imprisoned him yet he ran down streets, jumping, full of life. Can’t wait to work on more creative resistances. We all need our dreams back.

'In these dark times when inspiration, imagination and hope are rare commodities, I can rely on gobscure to come up with these three essentials and to do this with the other essential - humour.’

- Mike Layward, Artist Director-Dash

'Artist immersed in a wide variety of art-forms, whose work continues to defy pigeon-holing crossing visual, performance, literary and digital art forms with ease and uncomforting elegance. An abiding concern within his work is the disconnect between hierarchy and human rights. He is also capable of writing and producing arresting theatre that cuts to the quick'

- Disability Arts online