Beats & Eats

Beats & Eats started in 2013 as a live music event for underrepresented local musicians in Croydon.


Beats & Eats

Future's Venture funding will support the delivery of a live-streamed food and music ‘feastival’ featuring both live and pre-recorded performances from our roster of local BAME artists.

Each performance will be live-recorded in a local studio, providing the artists with a paid gig and well-produced digital content for them to share.

The livelihoods and wellbeing of our BAME creative community have been hit hardest by current government COVID-19 measures, which have prevented live public performances for nearly a year. In addition to Croydon being hit hard by COVID-19, the council are now bankrupt, adding more anxiety and depression to our community. This is our chance to shine some light during these dark times.

We take pride in providing real opportunities for real people and our work with organisations like Crisis and Croydon College have led to amazing relationships being built right across our community. We want to continue building more relationships and keep our community connected though the love of music.