Serena Hussain

Research & Development to support the making of Lehenga Polaroid (revealing sari)


Serena Hussain

A short film monologue in spoken word poetry form "Lehenga Polaroid" is narrated by the writer and producer of the piece. A lehenga is a form of south asian dress - lesser known than a sari - and is used as a symbol of innocence in contrast to the unveiling revealing sari.

Self-produced in her home studio in South London, Serena Hussain shares evocative memories of shame and re-birth growing up in 80's and 90's London, and becoming more unexpected creative forms of herself in the 00's to present day whilst challenging south asian cultural norms and conventions.

Serena challenges ideas of womanhood and motherhood (being an adoptive mother) and challenges ideas of identity and self fulfilment. 

The short film / video will be released on Sat 21 Aug 2021 on Serena's own youtube platform with promotional pieces produced for multiple platforms including her social media.