Bee Watson

Research & Development


Bee Watson

Bee Watson is a botanical artist and craftivist who is all about finding new ways to share the beautiful craft of paper flower making with people. Her business Wild Hive Paper Flowers has been running 4 years and specialises in working with a high grade crepe paper to design and make hyper-real flowers inspired by live flora and foliage. She uses her craft to hold creative workshop space for wellbeing and connection. Following the heightened global engagement with Black Lives Matter last Summer Bee is exploring ways to use her practice as a base for building an anti-racist arts and culture community in Devon.

People of mixed heritage navigate different challenges, privileges and discrimination based on how their identity is perceived by others. Bee will be spending two days of studio time exploring mixed heritage identity through the metaphor of flowers combing colour, different petal varieties and flower making methods to create ‘new’ flowers with a view to developing this idea into a larger project that can in future invite audience participation and discussion.

This seed investment from Future’s Venture will facilitate research and development time to experiment with techniques and concepts as well as space to evaluate what the next steps for this project could be.