Little Trumpet

Music composer and performer of ragga-blues rhythms, smokey vocals and healing horn lines


Little Trumpet

Little Trumpet (Rose Georgia) has been composing and performing music in the lands and seas of London, Europe, South America, New Orleans and beyond.

Connecting with conscious venues, community spaces and land projects, Rosie Music is collaborating along the journey to help nurture worlds of positive alternatives to the mayhem.

Creating connections between environmental care, collective healing and artistic work, Little Trumpet gigs are filled with laughter, communion and song.

With ragga-blues rhythms, smokey vocals and healing horn lines – setting hearts alight and lifting the vibrations as they go!

This funding will be used to support the facilitation of Covid-safe live music gigs alongs the river Thames and in community spaces across the UK in 2021. It will also be used to support a project that looks for ways to map and connect these community spaces, to support the development of an upcoming EP, and the bringing together of a radical music collective - Music4Unity.