Tracey Moberly

Socio-political artist, activist, author, and documentary film maker.


Tracey Moberly

As a socio-political artist Tracey’s personal artwork has been selected to profile and highlight a number of topical but difficult to approach projects and campaigns. Tracey owned the Foundry in Shoreditch, a bar, gallery and performance space where she hosted and co-produced a regular radio show for over a decade working with ResonanceFM.

Much of her work has been produced working with marginalised groups and struggling communities. She had developed and created work which highlights and aims to help in difficulties arising within domestic violence, people trafficking, homeless children, prostitution and drugs warfare. Some of these projects were carried out with the Mayor of London, Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester Police Forces.

Working within a variety of mediums, from making bricks and buildings to spinning thread, having run workshops at the Natural History Museum to television documentaries, an example of which was where she spun and made over 80 lingerie garment sets out of human hair as a ruse, which unofficially opened London’s Fashion Week. Tracey makes sculpted bricks that make up the structure of buildings and also works in steel, iron & glass.

Developing digital networks and continuing to work with communities and marginalised groups her most recent projects have included working with a remote village suffering socio-economic problems. She created a large photographic exhibition and a recently published book on this titled ‘Hour Eyes’. This was all produced by co-ordinating the village to work together. Another successful project she developed with this village - ‘Everything You Imagine is Real’ where she worked with the same community taking them to the National Portrait Gallery in London where the completed work was exhibited along with the creation of an App for the exhibition. Caerphilly Chronicles is another book she produced, based on Myths and Legends of a local castle. This was published in conjunction with working with The Lead Creative Schools programme which focused on developing the creativity of teachers and learners across the curriculum.

Following her book which went global titled Text-Me-Up! and based on every text message she’d ever received from the late nineties onwards - along with exhibitions that she produced to accompany these, she was invited to open the launch of Tate Tanks at Tate Modern with a multi cross-platform exhibition she created titled Tweet-Me-Up! This was proceeded by exhibitions at Tate Britain and working with Young Tate.

Tracey’s main on-going collaborations are with comedian and author Mark Thomas - their last exhibition at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield was titled ‘The Art of Dissent’: With artist and author Bill Drummond where her work crosses over a number of mediums - currently filming and directing on Bill’s practice for film, directing his plays and photography. Tracey has recently directed and filmed a number of award winning short films with Paul London as they teamed up to launch a small film production company in USA and UK called KIK Films.

Her most recent solo project ‘Queen Bee & Me...’ is a book she has just written, working with Bee Keepers in South East Wales on a Queen Bee Rearing project. Her last solo documentary she directed and filmed was ‘The Late Firm’ based on a prominent gangland member's funeral who was part of the London Firm that extends from the Krays era.