Craig Clark

Keep me slingin’ DOPE


Craig Clark

Since 2016, Craig has been the editor of DOPE Magazine, a quarterly newspaper that is distributed in solidarity with people facing homelessness and financial precarity. Vendors can collect DOPE for free, sell it for the cover price of £3 and keep all of the proceeds – essentially, we’re socialising our profits.

Its first print run was 1000 copies and our next print run will be 25,000 copies, distributed in around 15-20 towns and cities around the UK. In 2020, we distributed 60,000 copies, worth around £180,000 to our vendors. Dope pay all of our contributors for their work as well, and we work with a lot of working-class artists, activists and authors. 

All of Craig's work on DOPE Magazine has been voluntary and to enable him to continue this revolutionary solidarity project, he has to taken on some very un-radical work. Not only pimping himself out on the hyper-exploitative Fiverr site, he has also had to accept work for all sorts of nefarious corporations – proof-reading the sustainability document for a military hardware company was a definite low-point. 

Before the Beyond Future zoom event in March, Craig responded that the three things he thought were necessary to create were freedom, bath salts and hot water. He hopes to use the fund to buy himself a little bit of freedom, which will enable him to keep on slingin’ DOPE…