Laima Leyton

Producer, musician, activist, artist and mother...


Laima Leyton

Rooted in the São Paulo contemporary art scene, Laima Leyton’s credentials in the world of music are firmly established as one half of Mixhell alongside her husband Iggor Cavalera and for her work with Soulwax. Her last work, ‘Home’, is a conceptual double album released by DEEWEE in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory that revolves around routine, power, life and death. She has performed her music in people’s homes, creating intimate spaces for audiences to reflect upon themselves. In 2021, Laima will explore opportunities where the audience can experience sound as a reflective and healing tool.

With In Place of War, Laima expands her creativity as an activist working with creatives in conflict and crisis areas by empowering people to make a change through creativity.

With Richard Saltoun Gallery, Laima draws on her multifaceted identity as a producer, musician, activist, artist, mother and teacher to create eight unique sound pieces to accompany the programme â€˜On Hannah Arendt: Eight Proposals for Exhibitions’, engaging with themes of Infinite Past, Infinite Future and Now, Culture and Nature, Lack of Truth, and Spiritual Science.

Laima has been selected as a resident artist for the Participatory Residency at Gasworks Gallery in London for 2021.