After Art Workshop

AFTER ART school is a 7 week long online workshop which invites participants to explore what might come after art, what it would mean not to go back to normal after the pandemic.

What would the future look like if art as we know it - this European invention a little over 200 years old, invented by the white elites in the colonial metropolises and imposed as a universal feature of civilization everywhere - merged back into the everyday life from which it was violently ripped? The AFTER ART school will explore how art can become a means not an end, encourage participants to extend (maybe even transform) their practice, by re-localising it and making it "useful" to radical social and ecological transformation and movements.

In these highly stressful times, it will also explore how to build a supportive network of fellow practitioners prepared to face up to difficult questions around power and privilege, and to look at how to make practices sustainable by sharing regenerative tools, emphasizing the balance between connection with self, other and the living world.

Session 1 – June 3rd – Who is in the z(r)oom ?

Session 2 – June 10th – Entangling Art & Activism, Creation & Resistance.

Session 3 – June 17th – Grounding Art Again

Session 4 – June 24th – Cultures of Care

Session 5 – July 1st – The Arts of Aliveness

Session 6 – July 8th – Collective Ritual

Session 7 – July 15th – Feedback and à bientôt 

On zoom each Thursday from 6pm to 8pm (UK time)

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination < Isabelle Fremeaux and John Jordan

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