Radical Arts Review

For its eighth issue, Radical Arts Review (RAR) bring you artists from the PRECIPICE: those fighting apartheid in Palestine, homophobia on the streets of Belfast, or eviction in Tanzania. We are also privileged to be showcasing inspirational artists breaking the stigma of homelessness and disability through their work. They remind us that art at its best creates belonging, even in the darkest isolation. The traditional institutions have failed us, and it’s time to build new organisations and ecosystems, free from corporate control and capable of taking us back from the brink. As a team of volunteers, we couldn’t have made this magazine without the support and collaboration of our partner organisations. Throughout this issue you’ll notice a number of full-page artworks, from the Periodic Table of Feasible Utopia to the Right To Roam campaign. Tear them out and stick them up. If we must have walls, make them beautiful.

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