Celebration: Provocation Weekender

Provocation Weekender

Walk The Plank: Salford 29-31 March 2019

Our Provocation Weekender at Walk The Plank in Salford is a three-day interdisciplinary programme and event exploring, documenting and presenting UK radical arts.

The Provocation Weekender is an innovative radical arts initiative and programme that provides space to connect our artists over the three years of funded projects with its heritage ( Welfare State International) and enable them to celebrate their work, connect and collaborate with each other.

Its programme of radical arts achievements, provocations, collaborations, connections, installations, open space, music, songs, networking, film screenings, performance and Radical Whispers break-out sessions led by provocateur Roney FM (K3 Media) is co-hosted by LGBTQ activists Dan Glass and Saph MC

In addition invited guests include individuals, agencies, organisations (and their wider networks sharing the Future’s Venture ethos) that we feel will benefit from engaging with our work and the artists.

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