Big Dada

As we round out 2019 it is great to be able to share some news regarding Daniel Howe and I’s first exclusive gallery show entitled Big Dada at Art Exchange gallery, University of Essex. The show opens from 16th January – 8th February 2020. The exhibition will feature 2 newly commissioned works that complete our Big Dada (2019) series and will be presented to the public for the first time as part of this timely exhibition. We are very excited to realise the full series of work for this exhibition that sees the start of a longer term relationship with Art Exchange gallery as we move into their exciting programme for 2020.

Big Dada

In the aftermath of the 2019 UK election, marred by misinformation, fake news and unregulated forms of computational propaganda, we present a timely focus on artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe and their recent work, Big Dada.

Big Dada is a series of ‘deep fake’ character studies, including a number of hacked celebrity ‘influencers’ released as a digital intervention on Instagram that went viral, leading to global press coverage and unexpected – and contradictory – official responses from Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Alongside the deep fake new media works we showcase the transcript of Facebook’s response to the work and a mirror etched with assembled newspaper headlines. Together they create a space for an exploration of the deeper ethical and moral implications that exist concerning the interconnected logics of Datism and Psychopolitics.

Admission free.

See the full details of the exhibition here.

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