An introduction to Grow, Hackney

Grow is an independant and self-organised eco-system of studios and a creative space with bars and a kitchen created out of an old sausage factory by the River Lea in Hackney Wick. It is run as an experiment in theical and sustainable business and works in partnership with local artists, musicans, DJ's and community groups.

Grow is time-limited. Located in Hackney Wick which was once known to be the largest population of artists in Europe, the area is the locality of the 2012 Olympics and has a master plan of new build luxury apartment blocks and Grow is not part of the plan. 

This means the need for documentation and insights has never been more urgent.

With our funding support, Grow will be able to do its own innovative, yet tangible, research and outputs ( short film and downloadable toolkit ) which would be relatable to other community art/ music spaces, as well to help it upscale and/ or relocate. 

Its learnings will be shared with others how music, art and community at a local level can have a significant and positive effect for people and planet. 

Explore Grow Hackney website here

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