FV Zoom Development Sessions Announcement

As response from our longer term alumni we are programming a delivery of training aimed at building personal capacity across a range of areas. We have had (pre Covd-19 lockdown) initial sessions face to face, one Mental Health, First Aid, the other Mentoring followed by a Mental Health & Wellbeing session online.

We are now in process of designing a series of short (1-1.5 hour) Zoom sessions that may be of use and free to access.

Currently, proposed sessions include:

Alison Surtees (Administrator) will deliver Mental Health and Wellbeing sessions - these can be structured formally as the last session, or open chat groups to discuss anything troubling, like a support circle.

Cathy Brooks (Finance Manager) is designing a session on Finance, managing your money, using an excel spreadsheet for accounts and budgets, and doing your tax returns.

Keisha Thompson (Chair ) is developing an online session on Self Producing.

David Haley (co-Founder and long term Advisor) is looking at 'Crisis = Danger + Opportunity: Critical Recovery' or How Do we want the World to be After the Pandemic.

Dan Glass (Alumni artist) is developing a session on Activism.

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