Beyond Future

Beyond Future : Thursday 04 March: Zoom Event 11am - 1pm

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This is the second of our zoom public events which will launch our Radical Arts Handbook: Issue 02 (Radical Present) and will also give attendees the opportunity to help us shape how we give away our remaining funds as we reach our final year of funding.

Proposal to be discussed is the Artists as Art.

Following on from our wrap around support, and our ethos of ‘more than money’ we continue to fund artists directly, but with the added proviso this time in it does not have to related to a project, we are aware that artists make art, and in supporting artists the art will always come, rather than project activity. The grant amounts will not be huge, around £500 to £750, but can be used for any purpose, even if that is to pay rent or buy food, as long as it sustains the artist to continue their work.

A gesture of kindness and care.

A Radical Present.

Eventbrite booking link

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