David Haley

Co-Founder and Advisor- Image Karen McBride


David Haley

David Haley, PhD HonFCIWEM, has a long history with Future's Venture, as Board member of Lanternhouse International, the pre-cursor to Future's Venture, and with Welfare State International. David is a founding member and one of the first Trustees, standing down from this post to Advisor in 2017.

David makes art with ecology, to inquire, learn and teach. He publishes, exhibits and works internationally with ecosystems and their inhabitants, using images, poetic texts, walking and sculptural installations to generate dialogues that question climate change, species extinction, urban development and transdisciplinarity for ‘capable futures’.

He is a Visiting Professor at Zhongyuan University of Technology; Vice Chair of the CIWEM Art & Environment Network; Mentor/Advisor (founder) of Futures’ Venture Foundation; a Trustee of Chrysalis Arts Development and Barrow’s Beautiful Places; a member of the ecoart network, UK Urban Ecology Forum, the Arts Steering Group, Ramsar Cultural. He was a Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Ecology In Practice Research Group, Manchester Metropolitan University.