Ronald Fraser Monroe

Radical Arts Handbook Editor & Former Advisor - Image Ronald Fraser Monroe


Ronald Fraser Monroe

Roney joined Future's Venture in 2018, and has co-curated and supported the FVF Weekender, as well as the administrative arm of the Charity. 

Fraser-Munroe is an interdisciplinary artist and creative producer. He has worked in performance, visual art, video, sound and installation since the mid 1980s. Fraser-Munroe's creative practice includes literature, photography, graphics and design, animation, theatre, electronic audio and digital and media art. His unique work has been presented, exhibited and distributed internationally.

Fraser-Munroe has continued public engagement with contemporary digital arts through his personal commissions, his cultural development and empowerment projects with young people, artists and groups such as the Carers Digital Art Project and heritage projects The Abolitionists and The Brixton Time Machine. Many of his works reference social, political and cultural themes and their public impact. He also challenges the mainstream and establishment creative and political systems on an ongoing basis. He also contributes to the voluntary sector.

Fraser-Munroe is founder of K3 Media (a leading innovator in digital arts and media production) and a creative consultant advocating alternative models for contemporary arts development, policy-making, production and distribution.

The K3 Media vision is to develop creativity whilst revitalising the creative industries through innovative practice. Key projects include Artificially Intelligent?, Cambridge 2018; iKAST 2012, Castlefield Gallery & FACT, Manchester 2012; BBC Freethinking Artist Residency, Liverpool & Radio 2007; iROOM, ACE & BBC, Online 2003; LSDTV! ACE & BBC, Television 1996; Stormy Waters, NVA, Glasgow 1995; contributor to The Virtual Embodied, Goldsmiths University & Routledge, 1992.